Marquee Show announces the Tuesday line up. Written by marqueeshow on April 11, 2018

Breakfast with the Game Master

For the early riser, join Scott Faver at 7:00 a.m. for a “get your morning started” session filled with excitement and fun with The Game Master. Scott’s energy is overwhelming and he is loaded with a ton of fun games, great marketing ideas, and general knowledge that will start your day out the right way.

John Murphy Achieve Life Balance

“The Journey to Health Wealth and Happiness”. Discover the things you can do to live life with vitality and passion. This interactive and thought provoking seminar led by industry icon John Murphy is designed to help you grow to the next level of your life personally & professionally by taking action NOW!

Andy Ebon Blogging: The Foundation of Social Media Success through blogging.

Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… all these social media platforms and more have one thing in common. Your work and promotion occurs on their platform. In the event that one of those platforms changes or shuts down, you have no say over it.

Blogs, though, exist on their own server on the internet. You generate your own content and attract your own traffic and activity. In this session, Andy Ebon will explain how to build a blog, develop original content and promote your essays.

Alan Berg 6 Steps to Wedding Show Success

It sounds easy: buy a booth and wait for the sales to come in… but the reality is that wedding show success, like any form of marketing and promotion, requires planning and follow through. Alan, who attended his first wedding show as a vendor over 20 years ago, will help you demystify the process and show you how to maximize your return.

Come to this session and hear:

  • What you need to be doing before the show, to ensure your success
  • The 6 Steps you should be taking to get the most out of the show
  • What 90% of wedding show vendors are not doing, but should be


Bill Vaynercamp The Tech Side of Photobooths

A great photo booth photo finishes off a great experience in anyone’s photo booth.

What to do for great photos and what’s new for 2018 from the tech side?

Some things I will be covering.

  • Different types of lights for your booth. Pros and Cons.
  • Basic equipment and software tech.
  • Printers and printer drivers.
  • Hot new options for your printer. Pano and square prints.
  • Cameras and exposures.

Come and maximize your booth for your clients.


Adam Weitz Djs going Live

It is true that in the late 1980’s the dj revolution changed wedding receptions and social events forever. Djs replaced live entertainment and featured the original artists being played as well as offering a larger selection of choices for the client to choose from. 30 years later however select high end djs are now adding live entertainers to their dj entertainment packages. During Adam’s presentation, he will walk you through how he has added to his company’s bottom line and differentiated himself from his competition by adding live musicians to his company. Most importantly, he will be walking you though the process of how you can do it in your company.


Chris Meyer How I made $300k off of an iPad

Chris has been in the photo booth industry for just over 5 years – and in that time he has grown his companies into a national photo boothing powerhouse. Known mostly for slow motion – his brands range from super simple to the most extravagant of setups. Having completed over 3,500 events his teams (which cover 28 cities in North America) have seen it and done it all. Chris will be providing information on the hottest trend in the industry – iPad based photo booths. Come and learn how this vertical has grossed him over $300,000 in the first 12 months of adding iPad to their lineup.
Donnie Lewis Projector Mapping / Cake Mapping

There is no question that all of the wedding magazines and wedding related social media pages are featuring projector mapping as a type of décor and more specifically cake mapping is completely changing the game when it comes to lighting décor. Donnie Lewis will walk you through how this is done and give you the tools necessary to start adding this technology.


Matt Windsor Corporate Photo Booth Activations

While the majority of photo booth companies focus their efforts on weddings, mitzvahs, and school events, Matt Windsor’s company Tag Prints Digital focuses his business on corporate activations with a social media integration. Their client base includes CDW, Jack Daniels, Facebook, Ferrari. And CBS to name but a few. During Matt’s seminar, he will make you aware of what this market is and how you can go about capturing a portion of it in your own market place.


Donnie Lewis’s Paid Workshop on advanced projector mapping and cake mapping.

At Donnie’s advanced projection mapping workshop you will have the opportunity to learn how to navigate and manipulate Arkaos Grandvj to create a cake map and set up a wall for a larger scale projection. We will answer any questions and possibly demo the answers plus go over some tips and tricks for using Grandvj to its max potential, including layering visuals, effects and using the crop panel.