Think before you Facebook Written by Keith Kokoruz on May 3, 2018

As seen in the May Issue of Disc Jockey News.

Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live a few years ago because a post on Facebook that went viral and there was a ton of interest shown, emails sent, etc. She hosted SNL and I remember in her monologue she said that she never even knew what Facebook was until she was asked to host. Then she looked into the camera and jokingly said, “Now I know what Facebook is, it’s a waste of time”. To a degree, she is right. In the business world Facebook is a giant waste of time unless you are using it correctly.

Let’s be honest, Facebook can be perceived by some to simply be one huge social media tool for bragging. “Look at the incredible vacation we are on.” Look at the amazing dinner I cooked for my family.” “Look at my incredible kids.” “Look at my new car.” The reality is with 2.13 billion monthly active users on Facebook, it all starts to become noise at some point. What’s worse is that too many people are posting things that no one cares about. We are however somewhat addicted to wanting people to like, share, and comment on our posts.

On my personal page, I choose to discuss politics and current topics in the media. People who disagree with my view on a current topic or political post will private message me saying, “You know that some people are judging you on your comments and that can’t be good for business.” They are indeed right. What they fail to understand however is that the people who agree with my view point are private messaging me saying “I can’t believe how stupid that (disagreeing) person is that is commenting on your post.” You will lose some business and gain some business based on who you are personally on social media if you choose to discuss things that people have an opinion about. You need to be careful about what you put on your personal page.

There is no separation between your personal views on something and your professional business image. You need to be aware of what you are posting personally. We all know from President Trump’s tweets that what you post will affect how people view you and will also help them to decide if they will do business with you. Kylie Jenner shared her opinion about Snapchat’s recent redesign in one tweet and it caused a 1.3 billion dollar dip in Snapchat’s value.

If you are using social media for business I have one question for you to ask yourself, “Will anyone find what you are posting to be interesting, entertaining, or educational?” If you can’t answer that question with a crystal clear answer you should re-think your post and perhaps what you are posting in general.

If you spend all of your time on social media bragging about how awesome you and your company are, people will tune you out. The number one thing that people like to talk about more than anything else in life is themselves. You need to be careful about this. Your job as a social media marketer is to brand yourself as an authority in your field without looking like all you do is brag. Your social media should be about you but it should also be about the industry and clientele that you serve. If you are a dj, talk about music, talk about how amazing the staff was at a certain venue, talk about tips and trends that you see in the industry, share things about the wedding industry, etc. Don’t just talk about you and your company specials.

You need to talk about your business on your business page and then share the post on your personal page. A lot of people don’t do this because the Facebook algorithm is friendlier to personal pages than it is to business pages. The only problem is that if you don’t do everything possible to push your business page, it will never become popular with your fan base which is the whole reason to have one. You need to build the “engagement” on your business page in order to gain interest from your industry or by potential clients. Facebook will judge your page’s popularity on the engagement that it gets. The more engagement that your page gets, the longer it will be put your posts into your fans’ newsfeeds as well as other Facebook user’s newsfeeds and that is how posts go viral. If you look at viral posts, they all come from business/fan pages.

One of the biggest mistakes that I currently see in the social media world specifically as it pertains to djs is the use of the Facebook live video tool. If you are going to choose to go live, you need to have an idea about what you are going to talk about. Too many djs are just rambling about nothing or posting videos of themselves djing at parties. Sometimes less is indeed more and this is coming from a guy with a big mouth and a very strong opinion on most things.

You need to decide if you can be interesting or entertaining. If you aren’t, your friends on your personal page aren’t going to watch regularly and what’s worse is that some will judge you based on your video. If you are broadcasting to your business page, you had better be prepared so you don’t look unprofessional to your business audience. Organize your thoughts onto a piece of paper and stay focused. Say hello to the people tuning in and address their comments when you are finished making your point within the broadcast. Mike Walter will hate it.

There has always been a joke going throughout our industry that djs are A.D.D. / A.D.H.D. and if you watch some djs on FB live you can tell who is definitely in need of Adderall. I can’t believe the Cubs just scored another homerun. Get my point? The reason that people on TV make it look so easy is because they have done it for years and have failed miserably and then used those failures to succeed. They also rehearse. They are also produced. They also are directed. They also have a camera person running the camera. A team and a ton of experience make it look easy. Gary Vaynerchuk is the king of social media and if you look at his “rawness” you will see that a lot of it is edited and he is prepared to discuss his topic. His gift is that he makes it look so easy.

Think about the point you want to get across and the reason before you make your next post on social media or you may find yourself apologizing to worse losing clients.