Chicago Is A “Marquee Show” Town By Ray Martinez Written by marqueeshow on August 3, 2018

Chicago Is A “Marquee Show” Town
By Ray Martinez
National Association of Mobile Entertainers

My kind of town Chicago is…the perfect place for the Marquee Show.

There is an old adage you’ve all heard, “Big things come in small packages”. I mention that because like any new show that is given birth, it will take time to grow. Although the Marquee Show is in its inaugural year, and may not have drawn thousands of people yet, the quality of information just in the opening seminar was worth the price of admission alone.

I was extremely impressed how organized show producer K.C. Kokoruz was, because it was 18 months of planning logistics, tremendous top rated presenters and hard work.

Opening the show was internationally renowned Event Planner Michael Cerbelli sharing the 2018 version of his ever-popular “Hot List”. Annually the “Hot List” shares the latest and greatest new concepts in entertainment ideas such as hyper vision, levitating flowers and centerpieces, party slate, digital deception, music acts and more.

Many of these concepts are created to help professional people in the entertainment industry to up-sell new and fresh ideas to increase their bottom line by being unique in their respective markets.

Many entertainment companies usually don’t survive because they are too comfortable with the status quo and don’t want to think outside the box. However the companies who ultimately decide to take their businesses to a new level, will invest their time and money by going to trade shows such as the Marquee Show and learning from top tier speakers.

A few seminars included in the speaker lineup, DJ Brian B, John Murphy, Eric Wenning, Alan Berg, Matt Radicelli, Rob Johnson, Jazmine Gonzalez, Randy Bartlett, Steve Bowen from Australia and K.C. Kokoruz.

Subjects covered from game shows, upgrades, same sex weddings, attracting higher end clientele, marketing and advertising, building your multi-op company, getting healthy, making midweek money and much, much more.

Vendors included various Photo Booth Vendors, Pro Gobo, ADJA, Photo Booth Association, DJ Event Planner, DigiGames and Floyd Rose Audio who displayed incredible sounding headphones.

There were so many great seminars and lots of nuggets to take back to the office, but for me the nugget that stood out personally was by Matt Radicelli who said, “Grow People, Not Things” Be responsible to know if your employees are over worked.

Overall for the inaugural show, I would rate it on a 1-10 scale, an 8. In a perfect world attendance could have been better and should have been considering the hard work and intense marketing that was done for 18 months, but truthfully, in my opinion I don’t always believe “bigger is better”.

For the vendors the numbers are important which obviously lead to more sales opportunities, but as an attendee, I feel the more intimate the show, the better it is for educational opportunities as well as getting to know new colleagues and nurturing old friendships.

The location was 5-10 minutes from O’Hare Airport with a free shuttle which was very convenient. A box lunch was also provided which was a nice touch and a casino was within a half mile from the venue.

For the inaugural show, it was certainly a very pleasant experience and I would say to anyone looking to increase their bottom line and move their companies to another level make your plans to be a part of the Marquee Show in Chicago July 2019.