Home of the Jumbo Slice Written by marqueeshow on October 19, 2020

I was delivering for Aberdeen’s, the flower décor company I own on Saturday morning and I found myself finished about 11:15 a.m. I hadn’t eaten breakfast because my first delivery time was at 8:00 a.m. and I was hustling all morning. As I passed a series of lunch options, I was drawn to one fast food pizza joint that advertised “The Home of the Original Jumbo Slice.” My head was curious, and my stomach was insistent.

I walked into this little 800 square foot joint and saw my options neatly displayed New York style behind a series of protective glass facades bolted to the counter. The thing that made this so different is that a large pizza in the city of Chicago is generally 18” which means a slice is 9”. The pizzas that you buy slices from at this joint were 28”. They were massive. The presentation was very clean, well lit, and inviting. The pizza slice was 14” long. I ordered a meat lovers slice which was $5.75 plus tax. One slice completely filled me up. The quality of the pizza was excellent. The crust was nice and crispy which is the way that I like it. The ingredients were fresh and delicious.

I know what you are thinking. WHO CARES? Here is my point. In any industry you are either the first to market with your product or service, or you are one of many. Even if you are first, you will simply eventually find yourself filled with competition. What is one of your differentiation points that makes you different than anyone else? For this pizza joint, it is the 28” pizza. Upon talking to their staff while eating they said they do a ton of football game get togethers, birthday parties, Cub/Boy Scout troop events, etc. They said Super Bowl is sold out weeks in advance with pre-orders. I would love to be on a delivery the first time that someone sees a 28” pizza arrive. I can imagine a family room of little kids screaming as this huge pizza gets placed in the middle of the table. Saturday, I wished I had somewhere to be with people just to bring them one of these huge delicious pizzas.

A lot of people think they are distinctively better than their competition and I have no doubt that I lot of you are. The question becomes, is it obvious? Are you supplying a super slice or are you blending in with the rest of your competition? The super slice got me in the door, the excellent pizza will keep me coming back.