Max Photo Booth Design

Max Photo Booth Design

The Past

Max Photo Booth Designs is a New York based photo booth manufacturing firm owned and operated by Danny Max.  Danny is no stranger to the photo booth and event industry and has worked almost every job you can image in the field.  He currently owns and operates one of NY’s highest rated photo booth rental company. His success can be directly linked to the quality of their equipment, which was manufactured over the years by Danny himself.  Other photo booth operators, DJ’s and even event venues all wanted to purchase one of his unique designs.  Thus, Max Photo Booth Designs, Inc. was born.

The Present

Max Photo Booth Designs production is in full swing.  All the photo booths are computer designed and fabricated on a CNC router.  This computerized manufacturing process guarantees a flawless end product. Have a custom design in mind?  Send us an email, as we also build custom booths based on your needs.

The Future

What does the future hold for Max Photo Booth Designs?  We’re constantly on the hunt for the newest modern trends.


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