Randy Bartlett’s Advanced Mic Workshop 1

Marquee Show

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Advanced Mic Workshop I

Most DJs fall into the trap of being an announcer, a DJ with a microphone, instead of a skilled and polished Master Of Ceremonies.  This workshop with Randy Bartlett, producer of the 1% Solution Series, will help you make the transition from being an announcer to becoming a true Master Of Ceremonies.

In this workshop, Randy will work with each attendee, with their strengths and weaknesses to show how to “Master” the room, to gain full control of any audience within seconds without being cheesy or obnoxious and to have the guests riveted on every word you say.  With Randy’s critique and coaching, you’ll discover YOUR magic and how YOU can predict and control the audience response with even the rowdiest or lowest energy groups.  You’ll learn to create more applause and cheers than you ever imagined possible without ever asking or telling your audiences to clap.  You’ll learn to use your own talents to create excitement, emotion and total audience focus in a completely natural and organic method. This workshop focuses almost exclusively on the opening announcements at events, with a concentration on weddings.  Be prepared to perform and to be candidly critiqued.

Attendees from previous advanced mic workshops are welcome to attend at no charge, but will be limited to observing only and will not be allowed to perform or be critiqued unless signing up for the workshop at the regular price.