Sunday July 7, 2019

Sunday 6:00 pm – Spears Bourbon and Burgers 723 North Milwaukee Wheeling Illinois 60090 


Sunday 1:00pm – 8:00pm | Exhibitor Set Up Grand Ballroom Pre Function Space


Monday July 8, 2019 


Monday 8:00am – 5:00pm | Registration and Badge Pick Up

Monday 9:30am | Marquee Show Dj “Dj Speed”


Monday 9:30am – 10:50am | Welcome to the Marquee and Goal Setting Keith “K.C.” KoKoruz Le Claire Ballroom 

Monday  11:00am – 11:50am | Alan Berg To Discount or Negotiate – Pricing Strategies Decoded!  Le Claire Ballroom

Do you discount or negotiate? – hint: they’re not the same thing. Whether it’s in-season and off-season pricing, special sales or throwing something in to make the deal, there are many ways you can offer incentives… but should you?

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• Whether you should offer incentives

• How to preserve the value

• The difference between price and value

With more than 25 years in sales, marketing and sales management, Alan Berg has been called “The Leading International Expert on the Business of Weddings & Events”. He’s a Certified Speaking Professional®, the highest earned designation conferred by the National Speakers Association and one earned by less than 800 speakers worldwide.



Monday 12:00pm – 5:00pm | Exhibitors in Grand Ballroom & Pre-Function Space

Monday 12:00pm – 1:00pm | Lunch Break in Hotel Atrium

Monday 1:00pm – 1:20pm | The future of lighting Design Owen Blevins by Ape Labs USA  Open to all pass holders

Monday 1:30pm – 1:50pm | The power of belonging to an industry association by Hugo Drax ADJA / Photo Booth Association York Ballroom Open to all pass holders


Monday 1:00pm – 1:50pm | John Young Facebook Ads that Work Le Claire Ballroom

Learn how to create targetted Facebook ads that will deliver leads and traffic for your company. In this seminar, John will walk you through the process step by step from start to finish. All attendees will also be given special access to a private video allowing them to walk through the process again after the Marquee Show has ended. 

John Young is the founder of the Disc Jockey News Network which supplies education to djs and photo booth owners via his online network as well as his print newspaper.


Monday 2:00pm – 2:20pm | Earn Midweek Money by Dave Wyatt Dj Trivia York Ballroom Open to all pass holders

Monday 2:30pm – 5:50pm | The Photo Booth Industry is getting smaller. New trends in photo booths by Danny Brewer of Ring Roamer York Ballroom Open to all pass holders


Monday 2:00pm – 2:50pm | Tom Dadazzio The Peak Performance workshop  Le Claire Ballroom

The Peak Performance workshop is designed to give business leaders a deeper understanding of what really drives performance. Participants gain an unfair advantage by coming away with the knowledge of the underlying “drivers of success”, and learn how to reliably maintain high levels of productivity for themselves and the teams they lead.


For more than 5 years, Tom Daddazio has been a speaker, educator, coach and consultant. He has helped executives, entrepreneurs, managers and supervisors dramatically improve their ability to lead, communicate, influence and execute their biggest goals in all areas of their personal and professional lives. 


 Drawing on his 25+ years of entrepreneurial experience as well as his own 15+ year journey of intensive growth and development, Tom fully understand’s the unique challenges that leaders have to deal with, and is an expert in providing them with the proper training and support needed to quickly make a profound difference in their performance and productivity. 

Monday 3:00pm – 3:20pm | What to look for in a music subscription service and why by Nick Hahn of Promo Only York Ballroom Open to all pass holders

Monday 3:30pm – 3:50pm | Continue your education in Las Vegas at the largest photo booth expo in world. Learn why attending it is essential by Rob Savickis of PBX York Ballroom Open to all pass holders


Monday 3:00pm – 3:50pm | JD Gershbein LINKEDIN360: Using LinkedIn to Build Brand, Generate Leads, and WIN Business Le Claire Ballroom

JD Gershbein is one of those rare business speakers who makes a remarkably visceral connection with each audience by encouraging new thought and reinforcing positive behaviors. He understands that we all need knowledge and confidence to grow and succeed in The Digital Age. His strength is in getting people to raise their level of self-awareness and articulate their value to those they seek to serve.


Monday 4:00pm – 4:20pm | Continuing education is essential to your success by Alan Berg York Ballroom Open to all pass holders

Monday 4:30pm – 4:50pm | Continuing education is essential to your success by Alan Berg York Ballroom Open to all pass holders



Monday 4:00pm – 4:50pm | Andy Ebon Successful Blogging Strategies




Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… all these social media platforms and more have one thing in common. Your work and promotion occurs on their platform. In the event that one of those platforms changes or shuts down, you have no say over it.

Blogs, though, exist on their own server on the internet. You generate your own content and attract your own traffic and activity. In this session, Andy Ebon will explain how to build a blog, develop original content and promote your essays.


Monday Evening: Enjoy Chicago



Tuesday July 9, 2019

Tuesday 8:00am – 8:50am | Breakfast with the Game Master Le Claire Room


For the early riser, join Scott Faver at 8:00 a.m. for a “get your morning started” session filled with excitement and fun with The Game Master. Scott’s energy is overwhelming and he is loaded with a ton of fun games, great marketing ideas, and general knowledge that will start your day out the right way.

Tuesday 8:00am – 5:00pm | Registration and Badge Pick Up

Tuesday 9:00am | Marquee Show Dj “Dj Speed” Le Claire Room

Tuesday 12:00pm – 5:00pm | Exhibitors in Grand Ballroom 

Tuesday 9:00am – 9:50am | Keith “K.C.” KoKoruz Change is the constant Le Claire Room

Change is the Constant. You can lead or follow your market based on how you adapt to change or to create change in your business and in your market. 

Tuesday 10:00am – 10:50am | Nick Spinelli The 2019 Dj, working to today’s wedding couples  Le Claire Ballroom

Nick is one of the most popular new speakers on the disc jockey education circuit. His social media videos geared toward the dj industry are the most popular, entertaining, and educational. He is a full time member of the SCE Event Group specializing in weddings, corporate and social events.


Tuesday 11:00am – 11:50am | Jeffrey Craig Taking your business to new heights through upselling Le Claire Ballroom


Starting in an apartment in Brooklyn Jeffrey Craig Siber has developed his business Total Entertainment into one of the largest entertainment production companies in the country. With clients like Google, You Tube, Billy Joel, Paul Mc Cartney, Robert Deniro and the New York Yankees, Total Entertainment is the company to New York’s most prestigious events. In Jeffrey’s seminar, he will teach you the importance of running your business with as much energy as you dj, sell, and produce your clients’ events. He will also show you how important upselling is to the bottom line of your company’s success



Tuesday 12:00pm – 5:00pm | Exhibitor Floor is open Grand Ballroom 


Tuesday 12:00pm – 1:00pm | Lunch Break in Hotel Atrium

Tuesday 1:00pm – 1:50pm | Adam Weitz Harness your inner entertainer for tomorrow. Le Claire Ballroom


Adam’s interactive course begins with the discussion of the thens and nows of talent. Public opinion will become a catalyst for reinvention. Participation is for the extroverted and voyeurs alike because we all need that stimulation. A series of quick routine performances such as facial/verbal exercises will release energy bursts. During our time together we observe (not critique) one another to inspire us. This course stimulates organic energy, instantly unleashes creative thinking, and channels inspirations for themselves and for others. 


Tuesday 2:00pm – 2:50pm | Barry Kay and Jordan Zwicker Games people Play, LITERALLY Le Claire Ballroom


Barry Kay is one of Winnipeg’s most dynamic, captivating, and knowledgeable interactive DJ Entertainers. He makes a room come alive with energy and excitement. For over 28 years, including 12 as a radio personality, Barry has hosted some of the most elaborate events across Canada. Barry’s warm and charismatic personality gives him the special quality to charm audiences of all ages. Clients rave that Barry is a true professional who provides the highest quality experience. Barry will make a party come to life. He has a unique ability to know exactly what people want and just how to make it happen. With his enthusiasm and pure enjoyment for what he does, Barry will stop at nothing to deliver the highest quality of entertainment and fun. Simply put, he can take the ordinary and turn it into an extraordinary experience. 

Ever since Jordan was 5 years old, he knew he would be an entertainer when he grew up. Jordan has been told by many people that he should be in radio because he has the “perfect” voice. After University, Jordan decided to pursue an on-air job in radio in Toronto. After working for over 4 years, however, he decided to switch professions to the more lucrative career of making people dance and have the most amount of fun at events. Jordan has been to more than 2000 events across Canada in his career and keeps going strong. Jordan’s ultimate talent is leading his crowds to memorable events.


Tuesday 2:00pm – 2:45pm | QSC Panel with the Pros – Taking Your Dj Business to the Next Level York Room Ballroom


Panel discussion sponsored by QSC with leading multi-op DJ company owners discussing a variety of topics including:

•             When to make the move from single to multi-op

•             Staffing and hiring

•             Sales and marketing

•             Inventory management

•             Social Media

•             Open Q&A

Panelists include: Jazmine Gonzalez (H.Y.P.E. PRODUCTIONS), Jeffery Craig (Total Entertainment), Marcellus Lawhorn (Charisma Entertainment Group), and Nate Nelson (LeForce Entertainment


Tuesday 3:00pm – 3:50pm | Everything Mitzvah Jordan Marshall, Jeffrey Craig, & Jazmine Gonzalez Le Claire Ballroom


It doesn’t matter if you are contemplating getting into the lucrative mitzvah market or of your are a seasoned professional, these three presenters will walk you through everything that you need to know in order to be successful or more successful within this market place. 

Tuesday 4:00pm – 4:50pm | The Tools For Livestream and Video Conferencing for Podcasting with John Young

In this seminar, John will cover all of the tools they use in the DJNTV Studios for live streaming along with the components used with their remote broadcast system. 


This will include a look at the software used to stream shows to multiple video channels and drop in other video elements in streaming the DJNTV shows.



John Young is the founder of the Disc Jockey News Network which supplies education to djs and photo booth owners via his online network as well as his print newspaper. 



Tuesday 8:00pm | Tasty Tuesday





Wednesday July 10, 2019

Wednesday 8:00am – 8:50am | Business Roundtables with Howard Wallach Le Claire Room

Pinch hitting for Scott Faver who wasn’t able to attend due to a medical condition, Howard Wallach will lead you in a business round table discussion to help you with your business challenges.  


Wednesday 8:00am – 5:00pm | Registration and Badge Pick Up

Wednesday 9:00am | General Session Dj “Dj Speed”

Wednesday 12:00pm – 5:00pm | Exhibitors in Grand Ballroom

Wednesday 9:00am – 9:50am | Nate Nelson Level Up Le Claire Room

In this 50 minute fast paced seminar Nate will share some life tips, tricks, and hacks to make you the best you that you can be. 


While most students were studying for finals in college, Nate was fine tuning his life skills.  Mixing it up in the college nightlife scene reflected in his grades, but the value of learning the art of mixing music early in his career would pay off in the end. Fast-forward 15 years, Nate can now buy all the sneakers he wanted growing up. Nate has always had a passion for music and shoes.


Wednesday 10:00am – 10:50am | Jeffrey Scott Gould  Media Capturing that will bring business Le Claire Room

In this 50-minute seminar, Jeffrey will show you the media you need to be capturing to create amazing videos to post to your social media, use on your website, and within your trade show booths that will turn heads and make your phone ring. 



Wednesday 11:00am – 11:50am | Alan Berg If your website was an employee would you fire it? Le Claire Room


As the first stop for most of your prospects and customers, your website is probably your key employee. So, how’s that “employee” performing for you? Would you give yours a raise for doing a terrific job? Or, would you retrain or even fire it? How do you know when it’s time for a new site? Come hear Alan, author of “If your website was an employee, would you fire it?” and find out now.

Come to this session and:

• Hear 5 telltale signs that it’s time for a new site

• Learn easy ways to retrain your current site to perform better

• Find out what content you should remove from your site… now

• Find out what content you need to add to your site… now



Wednesday 12:00pm – 12:50pm  | Lunch Break in Hotel Atrium



Wednesday 1:00pm – 1:50pm | Jordan Marshall The Cool Factor, staying hip and relevant to your clients. Le Claire Room

The success of Jordan’s company is not just his and his staff’s ability to deliver a great service, it’s also his cool factor. This seminar will be filled with the tools that he uses to show that he is relevant, relatable, and fun to his clients.  

Wednesday 2:00pm – 2:50pm | Danny Brewer Business Management for the photo booth and dj professional Le Claire Room

As a tenured business owner for over 20 years, Danny will walk you through everything you need to be doing to run, maintain, and grow your business even in the hardest of times. 


Wednesday 3:00pm – 3:50pm | Daren “B-Side” Young Digital Dj Workshop  




Longtime industry consultant and former DJ product manager, Darrin “B-SIDE” Young hosts an exclusive Digital DJ Workshop covering the past present and future of DJ technology. Learn tips and tricks to maximize your workflow and to troubleshoot various software and devices. Regardless of what platform you’re on, there’s always something fun to learn! 


Wednesday 4:00pm – 5:30pm | Keith “K.C.” KoKoruz Success by Association Wednesday 3:00pm – 3:50pm | Daren “B-Side” Young Digital Dj Workshop  


It is no secret that it’s not what you know in business, it’s who you know in business. In the final seminar of the conference, you will learn the advnatges of being a part of various local and national business associations and how to best reap the rewards of being a member. 


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