Emily Washcovick

Emily Washcovick
  • Marquee Show Presenter
  • Company: Yelp

Small business owners all know how important their online reputation is. The Marquee Show is proud to announce our next presenter Emily Washcovick.

Emily Washcovick is Business Outreach Manager at Yelp. She hosts informational sessions with local business owners across North America to educate them on best practices for navigating the world of online reviews. She works with local business owners interested in utilizing Yelp to help grow their business. She also hosts a series of webinars on subjects relevant to business owners and regularly contributes content to Yelp’s “Blog for Business Owners.” Emily also acts as a liaison between the small business community and the different divisions within Yelp.

Prior to joining Yelp in 2014, Emily worked for Marriott Hotels as a Front Office Manager to help coordinate events and ensure guest experience. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has lived in Pennsylvania, Cyprus and now San Francisco. She has many business owners in her family and enjoys helping small business owners everywhere.